All customers are expected to abide by the Floyd Swim School (FSS) terms and conditions set out below.

Pool Procedures

  • Swimmers must not enter the pool until the teacher advises it is safe to do so and must tell the teacher if leaving the pool before the end of the lesson.
  • No running on poolside.
  • Children must be supervised at all times, except during lessons, when the child is not accompanied by a parent or guardian, and must advise the teacher prior to the lesson of any concerns they have.
  • Clients accept that on occasions there may be physical contact between the teacher and swimmer in their professional capacity.

Before Swimming

  • We operate a strict nappy policy for babies and toddlers who are not yet toilet trained.  Nappies (including disposable swim nappies) must not be left on the pool premises.
  • Remove all jewellery and swimmers must wear a swim hat.
  • All swimmers must shower poolside before getting into the pool.
  • Plasters and hair clips must be removed before as they could come off in the water and damage the pool’s filters.
  • Make-up or body lotions must not be used as they can affect pool water quality.

Arrival and Departure

  • Clients should aim to arrive no more than 10 MINUTES before the lesson and leave no more than 10 MINUTES after the lesson to help improve changing room comfort.
  • Car seats and push-chairs should be left in the downstairs lobby.
  • Outdoor footwear must be removed before going poolside.
  • Food and drink is not allowed in the pool buildings


  • FSS cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your vehicle, property or personal possessions whilst on the premises.
  • All property and valuables left on swim school premises, including vehicles in the car park are left entirely at your own risk.
  • Any lost property found will be kept and if unclaimed will be disposed of.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere on FSS premises.


  • All cheques must have a card number and its expiry date on the reverse side. If you cheque should be returned by your back as unpaid a £10 administration charge will be applied.

Data Protection

  • FSS do not store or record any information about your bank accounts or credit cards.
  • Any photography  or filming (other by an approved photographer) must be logged and authorised by a member of FSS staff and noted in the relevant book.

Lesson Changes

  • In the event of an instructor being absent for a group or a private lesson, FSS maintain the right to change instructors to ensure your lesson is covered.
  • No refund will be given for lessons due to change of instructor.
  • Any last minute time changes to lessons FSS will advise you by text giving you as much notice as possible.
  • If we do not have your mobile phone number a voice text will be left on your home number.
  • FSS will endeavour to reschedule any lesson that was cancelled at the end of the course.

Refund Policy

  • If you are unable to attend a lesson due to sickness or holiday no refund will be made as your payment secures a place on the course. In the case of a serious illness of any length of time each case will be considered individually, but this needs to be covered by a doctor’s certificate.
  • No refunds will be offered in the case of circumstances outside of our control such as Adverse Weather conditions, power interruption, and ‘acts of god’ as considered to be outside of our control.
  • In the event the pool is not available due to technical difficulties or health and safety issues FSS will try where feasible to reschedule the lessons. FSS will give as much notice to the client as possible but cannot be held responsible for any additional travel costs incurred.
  • If the pool is out of commission for any reason prior notice will be given where possible. Swim costs with either be refunded or credited to the next session

Sickness and/or Medical Condition

  • Do not let your child swim if they have sickness (such as diarrhoea), contagious disease or infections, please wait until the doctor has given your child the all clear before returning to swimming lessons. In cases of sickness and diarrhoea allow 48 hours clear of all symptoms before attending a lesson.
  • You must declare to a member of staff any existing medical conditions that you are aware of on your enrolment form, including medication. Also those that may be infectious and or possible harmful to another person must be declared.
  • FSS must be informed of changes in any medical or psychological conditions as soon as you are aware of them. Any information will be treated as ‘strictly confidential’ in accordance with data protection. FSS has the right to accept or refuse any application to join swimming class.
  • If a parent, guardian and or child have any known or suspect illness a doctor’s certificate must be shown before joining a swimming lesson. All information is treated as confidential in accordance with data protection.


  • Our aim is to give satisfaction to our clients. Should you wish to complain please first speak t to your teacher and if not dealt by them satisfactorily then write to the Administrator so we can try to resolve your complaint

Withdrawal of Service

  • FSS has the right to refuse entry to swim classes.
  • At its own discretion FSS can refuse entry to anyone on its courses who is considered disruptive or unreasonable.
  • Verbal or physical abuse to any member of staff will not be tolerated and any necessary action may be taken at the discretion of FSS.
  • In the unlikely event a customer or customers failing abide by these terms and conditions FSS adhere to a strict no refund policy.

Website Privacy and Cookie Policy

  • FSS has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure all information provided on this website is correct at the time of inclusion. However, FSS accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or errors to this site. The information available on this site may not always be up to date.
  • FSS reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to make alterations to the information on this site. FSS accepts no liability for any loss or liability for any nature caused by the use or the inability to use the materials available in this site. FSS will treat any disclosed information as confidential. FSS will record any provided personal information when expressing an interest in our services and will not be shared with any third parties. This information will be stored on our secure system under data protection act and will not be sold or disclosed to any third party. If requested we will call you if you have a question regarding FSS.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  • From time to time FSS may update these terms and conditions.