Swim England Changing Room Policy

Parents should not be in the changing room while their swimmers are changing, unless the swimmer is of an age where help is required from parents of the swimmer or requires additional specific assistance.  This generally is 7 years of age.  In such circumstances the parent must be the same gender as the child.   At Floyd Swim School we are aware that this is not always feasible and often there are mums that bring their sons and dads that bring their daughters.

Often children younger than 7 are able to change themselves but those that need assistance our policy is that the sex of the changing room that should be used when a child needs help in getting changed is of the same sex as the parent/adult that is helping ie. a mum helping her son should be using the female changing room and a dad helping his daughter should be using the male changing room.

For the safeguarding of children we also ask that children do not get changed on poolside, in the waiting area or in front of others.