We are a family run swim school catering for all abilities our highly qualified ASA instructors will teach in a fun and safe way!!!

Lessons are arranged by Ability Level

Parent & baby class for babies/toddlers aged 3 months – 2 years.   Morning classes, Monday & Friday lunchtime classes  duration 30 minutes.

Please note overlap between toddlers and pre-school classes for age 3-4 years. Parent needs to decide whether you want a parent & child class (morning session) or whether your child is able to attend a class without parent alongside in pool (afternoon/after school session).

For babies & toddlers we can now offer Discovery & Discovery Duckling badges, see ASA website for their curriculum.

ASA LEVEL 1 – School age children who are unable to swim without aid. Developing basic skills in confidence, movement, floating, submerging, rotating and propulsion.

ASA LEVEL 2 – Children must have basic water confidence & be able to swim
3-5 metres on front or back. The class will focus on developing all strokes.

ASA LEVEL 3 – Children who are able to consistently swim 5-10 metres on front and back. Start to focus on simultaneous leg action.

ASA LEVEL 4 – Children who are able to consistently swim 10 metres on front and back. Working on all strokes, developing breathing and arm actions, as well as competent kicks and water skills.

ASA LEVELS 5/6 – Children who are able to consistently swim 15-17 metres on front crawl showing correct breathing, 15-17 metres back crawl with arms recovering over the water and 15-17 metres breaststroke as well as learning various water skills. Working to increase water fitness & learning dolphin leg kick.

ASA LEVELS 7/8 – This class is suitable for children who are able to swim 2 lengths using all strokes, with basic techniques. Water skills include treading water, sculling, handstands, somersaults & progress towards tumble turns.

ASA LEVEL 9/10 – Swimmers who are proficient at breaststroke, front crawl, back crawl over 50 metres. Improving efficiency of strokes over an increasing distance to improve stamina. Water skills include starts, turn and finishes for the competitive swimmer.

Certificates for the above are presented at the end of the Summer term.

Advice and Safety

In order to maintain the highest levels standard of safety and teaching, we ask all adults to please note the following:

– You should arrive 10 minutes before your child’s lesson

– Parents are responsible for their child on poolside until their lesson starts; teachers will only be responsible for your child during the half hour session.

– Please ensure your child has used the toilet facilities prior to entering the pool and the teacher is advised if the child needs to be escorted to the toilet. Instructors cannot be held responsible for the child leaving the class.

– Your child should have a shower before and after swimming (when available).

– Swimming hats must be worn whilst in the pool and are put on before class

– Jewellery must be removed before swimming

– Goggles can be worn in swimming lessons at the teacher’s discretion providing they do not create a distraction

– Class sizes are small and should not exceed 5 to a class depending on class level. However we retain the right, at the Instructors discretion to vary the sizes of classes occasionally depending on circumstances.

– Priority booking is given to those already attending Floyd Swim School

– Cots and buggies are not allowed poolside and must be left in the entrance lobby

– No outdoor shoes are allowed within the poolside area

– There is strictly no smoking within and around the Floyd Swim School premises

– No food or drink (except water) is allowed on the premises

– Our full Terms and Conditions are available and can be seen on the Notice Board and on this website